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Bespoke Photo Album

$550.00 AUD

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My Bespoke Photo Album gives clients the option to hold a cherish their special day for years and years. 

They are hand constructed using Italian book binding machines and techniques. 

Matte Art Photographic paper sandwiched with archival adhesives allows stunning double page spreads on single sheets of paper.

Each page thick and luxurious ready to be loved and pored over for generations.

Bound with stunning range of materials, that need to be seen and touched to be believed.

Covers come in linen, leather composite and more. Engraved personalised details on either the front or back. 

Each album is 15 spreads (30 pages) which is approximately 80 photos depending on the spreads selected.

There are many ways to customise your perfect photo album.

Please specify in the checkout.

If you would like other sizing, or design options please contact me via the contact link.

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